Reflections: Top Wildlife Encounters

The good and the not so good…..

  1. Snorkelling with Whale Sharks, Mexico

Open ocean snorkelling with sharks as big as buses.  Yikes. To read more click here


2. Horses in Argentina

On the morning we heard that the UK had chosen ‘Brexit’ – we seriously considered taking our horses and riding off into the sunset to become gauchos forever.  To read more click here


3. Snorkelling with wild green sea turtles, Mexico

Giant wild sea turtles just a few meters from the shore.  Beautiful.  To read more click here


4. Trekking with Yaks, Nepal

Yaks have the scariest and loudest call , amplified by the Himalayan mountain range.  To read more click here


5. Tarsier Spotting, Philippines

Tiny, nocturnal endangered mammals who look a bit like a gremlin, bless! To read more click here


6. Kookaburra, Australia

Like a cross between a kingfisher and a teddy bear!  To read more click here


7. Kangaroos, Australia

Both in sanctuaries (below) and in the wild.  Kangeroos have a certain presence!  To read more click here


8. Whale Watching, New Zealand and Argentine Patagonia

Our first whale spotting experiences with a few dolphins and albatross thrown in for good measure.  To read more click here and here

9. Guanacos, Patagonia

Like a Llama or an Alpaca and with lots of attitude!  To read more click here


10. Seals, Sealions and Elephant Seals, New Zealand and Patagonia

We have seen more than our fair share!  To read more click here, here and here

Not all of our animals experiences were good though… here were our low lights:


To find our more about ‘the day of the leech’ click here



Small and poisonous in Australia and HUGE in Nepal.  I don’t think I ever quite got over my spider encounters.


Ryan’s biggest fear.  A couple sought us out in Australia….


They will find me ANYWHERE (note I promptly got a couple of new bites a few days after arriving back in London – typical)

Bed bugs

Yep.  Always be on the look-out and ALWAYS change rooms.


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