Reflections: Top 10 Special Places

Every once in a while we found ourselves somewhere that especially moved us for whatever reason, whether particularly memorable, fascinating or emotive, here were some of our top ‘special places’.

  1. Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal

A few days meditating and mingling with monks in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.  To find out more click here and here


2. Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal

Despite extensive earthquake damage, this is a place that’s presence you smell, feel and hear streets away.  Stroll around the perimeter – prayer wheel spinning as you walk is optional.


3. Top of the Thorong La pass, Nepal

Did I cry – yes.  Did I think I was going to die on the way up – yes.  Was it worth every step – definitely!  To find out more click here


4. Kagbeni, Nepal

Quite simply the most bizarre, intriguing and otherworldly place we have ever been.  We fully intend on coming back here, the village at the gateway to the Tibetan Plateau, for a full exploration of the Upper Mustang region.  To find out more click here


5. Juifen, Taiwan

A stunning location that provided some inspiration for the film ‘Spirited Away’.  To find out more click here


6. Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

The beating heart of Yangon.  Breathtaking and bustling.  To find out more click here


7. Celebrating Nyepi in Bali, Indonesia

The most bizarre couple of days.  Unable to leave your hotel, a day of silence, a solar eclipse and then a monster street party!  To find out more click here


8. Rice Terraces, Ubud

We wanted to hate it for the annoying ‘Eat. Pray, Love’ connections but it certainly won us over.  To find out more click here

9. Playa Las Canteras, Near Puerto Madryn, Argentine Patagonia

Southern right whales and their calves playing a few feet from the shore.  Awe-inspiring.  To find out more click here


10. Welsh settlements in the Chubut Valley, Argentine Patagonia

Like stepping back in time into a microcosm of purist welsh language culture and history – in Patagonia of all places!  To find out more click here



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