Reflections: Fantastic Food!

It embarrassingly says a lot about us that most things we could whittle down to a ‘top 10’ – however, for this food post we could only manage a ‘top 20’! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did…

  1. Dal Bhat, Nepal

After 10 hours of trekking each day, all you want is this all you can eat feast (it’s also pretty much all that there is on offer!)


2. Nasi Campur / Kandar, Malaysia

The worlds most amazing buffet.

3. Ikan Bakar, Malaysia

Literally ‘burnt fish’ – unparalleled in terms of taste and value.

4. Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Try all of Malaysia’s street food classics in one easy location. Go there!


5. Tandoori chicken, Malacca / Penang, Malaysia

The best we have ever had.


6. Thai Street Food

Impossible to pick one dish or one location.  No-where in our opinion has beaten Thailand yet for street food.

7. Kampot Pepper Crab, Cambodia

Blue swimmer crab plucked from the sea outside your market shack, paired with fresh Kampot pepper.  Yum!


8. A traditional Filipino birthday dinner, Boracay Island

Traditional Filipino food made fancy


9. Lu Rao Fan (Braised Pork and Rice), Taiwan

The ultimate comfort food.


10. Burmese dining, Myanmar

Order one dish and get about 10 for free.  Ultimate banquet dining (and don’t forget to try the tea leaf salad – right-hand photo)

11. Sindad BBQ, Laos

Sitting by the river cooking your own tasty BBQ and soup – very fun!  The dried river weed with sesame seeds is amazing too.

12. Babi Guling, Bali, Indonesia

A plate of suckling pig cooked 6-7 ways for the working man.  Irresistible.


13. Hangi, New Zealand

Traditional ‘roast dinner’ type meal steamed over thermal geysers.  Why not?

14. Fish (shark?) and Chips, New Zealand

Both very familiar and very different!


With my mum and my sister!

15. Kaikoura seafood, New Zealand

Amazing crayfish is their speciality but the seafood shack by the foreshore with the cheap and cheerful seafood chowder and scallop sandwiches were definitely a highlight too!


16. Serious Sandwiches, Chile

People in Chile take sandwiches VERY seriously.  They are amazing (even better with a pisco sour)


17. Poshest BBQ ever, Francis Mallman’s ‘Siete Fuegos’, Mendoza, Argentina

Following in the steps of John Torode and eating a feast cooked over 7 fires by Argentina’s top chef.  Definitely worth the 1.5 hr trip outside of Mendoza.

18. Argentinian Beef

Unparalleled – whether served straight from the grill, from a hole in the wall eatery or at a traditional restaurant.  Don’t forget the chimichurri!

19. Patagonian Lamb

Patagonia has many reasons to celebrate the welsh – amazing BBQ lamb is one of them!


20. King Crab, Patagonia

Worth travelling to the ‘end of the world’ for.


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