Reflections: Amazing Architecture (modern)

Not all of the stand out architecture was old; we saw some very interesting, weird, wonderful and grand modern structures as well!

  1. Taipei 101, Taiwan

Built like a giant stick of bamboo!  To read more click here


2. Marina Bay Hotel and Supertree Grove, Singapore

Singapore showing off (rightly so).  To read more click here


3. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Its fair to say I LOVE a good bridge, but this one suspended in the mountains was something else!  To read more click here


4. The Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Stunning even with the smog!  To read more click here


5. Hobbiton, New Zealand.

I think my mum wanted to live there.  To read more click here


6. Sydney Opera House, Australia

The epitome of iconic.  To read more click here


7. Colonial architecture, Mexico

This example is from Valladolid, but the colours and design of traditional colonial architecture continue to dominate Mexican towns on the Yucatan Peninsula.  To read more click here and here


8. Mauri Meeting Houses, New Zealand.

Designed to be the body of a person with the spine of the roof the backbone and the rafters the ribs etc.  To read more click here


9. Palacio Barolo (Buenos Aires) and Palacio Salvo (Uruguay)

Sister art Deco skyscrapers on either side of the River Plate.  To read more click here

10.  The ‘Cardboard Cathedral’, New Zealand

An amazing response to the earthquake devastation in Christchurch.  To read more click here

11. Dog Kennels, Chile

These just had to make the list.  The only place I have been in the world where the public build houses and dress up (yes, really!) their stray canine friends.  To read more click here



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