Gauchos for the day! A trip to Estancia Los Dos Hermanos

No trip to Argentina would be complete without a trip to an estancia (ranch) and the opportunity to pretend to be a gaucho for the day!

Estancia Los Dos Hermanos seemed to perfect choice for us.  A day out at a traditional family owned estancia in the heart of the ‘humid pampa’, an hour and a half drive outside of Buenos Aires and near to San Antonio de Areco – the centre of gaucho country.

This estancia is owned by Ana and Pancho a couple who returned from their 35th anniversary trip to Europe a day before our trip to the ranch!  The experience they offer is more traditional than some of the other estancias who offer a more touristy ‘gaucho show’.  For Ana and Pancho the experience centres around the horses themselves, your own experience and, of course, the food!

We were lucky enough to have a warm and dry day for riding and had the company of a great group of people, including a psycho analyst from new work and a group of Air France cabin crew (one of whom happened to be an ex-professional jockey!)



Nice chaps Ryan!

The estancia itself was very traditional with a variety of old farming machinery.

The horses were the real star of the show!  Luckily they matched the riders to the horses so both mine and Ryan’s (as by far the two least experienced people there) had relatively calm horses that were patient with us …. although Ryan’s had it’s moments!!

My horse was called ‘Toby’ and Ryan’s ‘Chaparron’!

The day was nicely punctuated by tasty food treats!  The main meal of the day was a fantastic asado (BBQ) sat outside watching the horses.

We enjoyed over 5 hours of horseback riding over the course of the day, in and around the estancia grounds.  We rode through the Pampa countryside, weaving between herds of horses and cattle and viewing a whole variety of wildlife, including owls (in the daytime!)

Ryan and I even braved a bit of galloping – something I had never tried before.  It was very scary and i felt like I was going to fall off more than once, but it was great to feel safe enough to give it a go!


The end of the day – feeling like true gauchos!


Well earned tea and cake by the fire to finish off the experience

What a lovely day!  (It was well worth the couple of very sore days afterwards!)


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