A day trip to Tigre, Buenos Aires Provence

An hour from Retiro, Buenos Aires main central railway station, lies the relatively sleepy delta town of Tigre.  Tigre has always been a popular affluent suburb or weekend retreat for Buenos Aires’ residents (also known as Portenos).  Situated on the main rivers of Rio Tigre and Rio Lujan and whose inhabitants spread out across the delta, Tigre was named after the jaguars that used to inhabit the marshlands.  Its quaint colonial style and houses on stilts along the rivers make it feel very unique and its maze like waterways feel almost venetian at times.  We were just there on a day trip, but it was easy to see how you could wile away days in this laid back town.


A tiled map of the region in the train station

After arriving we spent a couple of hours exploring the town on foot…


… then we decided to take a boat to explore the rivers and waterways around the region…

Laid back Tigre is a welcome contrast to busy Buenos Aires.  Even at the beginning of their winter season the town is well worth the trip to view a completely different way of life outside of the capital.


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