Sydney, Australia

We were lucky enough to stay with some family in Sydney, which meant we had a fantastic local introduction to the city.  We were also very spoilt with a few amazing day trips over the 5 days we were there.

Firstly we visited Symbio Wildlife Sanctuary which was a lovely introduction to Australian wildlife – including a koala with a social anxiety disorder!

We had some amazing weather (38C) for a boat and lunch trip around Sydney Harbour….

….and had a closer look at the beautiful Opera House as well – which we all agreed reminded us of the Barbican in London (less in terms of design and more in terms of styling and layout).

On our last day mum and I enjoyed a trip into the city for a look at The Museum of Sydney and the Botanical Gardens by the harbour (in the rain).

We all agreed that Sydney was a beautiful city that was welcoming and interesting.  However we were all very excited to be moving on to New Zealand because we would be meeting my sister, Claire, at the airport in Auckland – hooray!


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