Ubud, Bali

Ubud is beautiful, surrounded by rainforest, temples and rice paddies, elevated above the surrounding countryside.  It has always been a bit of a tourist mecca in the heart of cultural Bali, but the book and subsequent movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ has made it even more of a destination for both expats and tourists alike.  This can make it busy at times, especially in the centre, but you only have to walk a few minutes out into the paddy fields to feel like you are the only one there.

So, our time in Ubud was mainly spent walking in the rice paddies, enjoying spectacular sunsets, seeking out local food (not as easy as we thought!), exploring temples, forests and of course indulging in Ubud’s many spas.  In fact we both had as many massages in Bali as we have had in the rest of the trip put together! Lucky us!


Central Ubud


Street decorations by moonlight

Some photos of our many walks all around Ubud in the paddy fields.

Balinese offerings – to appease both Gods and Demons are everywhere.


The monkeys think the offerings are for them!


Here is what they should be eating….

We spent a morning exploring ‘Monkey Forest’, which is a sacred area in Ubud where the monkeys are both loved and hated by the locals!

We also managed to explore some of the many other temples around Bali, including Ubud Palace.  Here is a selection of my (many) pictures below!

Ubud was not as good as we would have liked for local food – but I think we were a little too immersed in the tourist area to find the best places.  However we did sample the local alcohol – Arak – in cocktail form!


It is not in fact magic – there is just some strategic candlelight going on!

After Ubud it was time to head to the airport, leaving both Bali and Asia behind us for the foreseeable future, which felt quite strange after calling it home for 6 months!

Next stop Australia!


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