Boracay Highlights

As well as birthday, Christmas and New Year celebrations we managed to see a fair bit of Boracay.  We purposely booked to stay at 4 different locations around the island so we could explore a bit more.

This meant we got to stay at stunning and busy white beach (both station 1 and 3), rural Yapak and windswept Bulabog.

We also managed a few extra excursions and some highlights that didn’t make it into our other posts, so heres a summary of some of those things…

Ariels Point

A great day trip courtesy of Ryan’s parents (thank you!!).  This consisted of a boat trip onto a neighbouring island to an amazing cliff jumping spot.

Even though the trip was all you can drink I couldn’t bring myself to do the jumping, but really enjoyed the kayaking, snorkelling and scenery.  Ryan was very brave and did all the jumps (show off!)


Sunsets on Boracay are amazing and a couple of evenings in particular blew us away.  Here are some of our favourite photos…


Puka Shell Beach – north Boracay

Ilig Iligan Beach – North East Boracay

Bulabog Beach – East Boracay

White Beach – West Boracay


We treated ourselves to a ‘king and queen’ package spa day which consisted of around 7 hours of pampering – including a boat cruise (a first for me!)  Shame we did it on New Years Eve and then proceeded to go out afterwards and have a few too many drinks afterwards to undo all the good work!


Ryan’s first experience of scuba diving – a big success!


Having spent about 2 1/2 weeks on the small island of Boracay it was time to head out into the big wide world again.  Next we were off to Cebu Island…


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