Christmas in Boracay, Philippines

A white Christmas – but not as we know it!

White Beach on Boracay Island has some of the whitest and softest sand either of us has ever experienced and it turns out you can make a pretty good snowman (snowcastle?) with it!

We were both feeling a little melancholy over the Christmas period, being away from family and friends at this time is hard.  However, being on a beautiful tropical beach with the best weather we have had so far and happy hours that last most of the day, we couldn’t complain too much.

We were staying on the other side of the Island on Bulabog Beach, a 15 minute walk across the island to white beach.  Bulabog beach is a bit of a mecca for kite surfers.

We even managed some christmas decorations.  Christmas without a tree isn’t Christmas, right?

After crackers and present opening we went for a walk along Bulabog beach and then to a local ‘boardwalk’

Then onto White Beach for most of the day, until sunset and cocktails!

Walking along white beach felt very christmassy – after all the Filpinos have the longest christmas period in the world!  They also had made some pretty nice Christmas lanterns which were displayed on the beach.

Then back home to skype both of our families before slumping on the balcony to eat some turkey sandwiches (yes, we even managed to find some smoked turkey slices in a deli – perfect!) cheese and port.

It didn’t match up to a christmas at home but we managed a pretty good approximation!

And don’t worry, we did manage to have a proper turkey dinner at an all you can eat Christmas Eve buffet the night before.  We even met father Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!



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