Birthday in Boracay!

After a dramatic arrival to the Philippines it was time to do some serious birthday relaxing and pampering!  The Typhoon was now in full force but that did not dampen our spirits – it did not seem as bad in Boracay as other parts of the country.


Good morning Boracay!

We took a blustery walk up white beach, past all the barricaded restaurants and hotels to Lemon Cafe for a delicious lunch.


Birthday lunch – salad and sangria bianco!

After lunch and we had to venture into the sea, it was just too tempting.  There were a few people tentatively swimming and actually the waves made for very fun swimming and body surfing!

We then decided to go on a search for a quick pre dinner massage.  After a little wandering around in the rain we managed to find a couple of nice local ladies who would give us a very cheap (and vigorous) massage just off the beach.

Back to the hotel briefly to drink some champagne and admire my flowers (thanks to my family!)  before heading out to dinner.


Roses from my mum, Dad and sister

Ryan had booked a table at Subo – a restaurant that cooks modern versions of traditional family filipino food.  The restaurant was beautiful within a ‘old Boracay’ style mansion and lovely staff!


Dinner at Subo

As usual we ordered far too much food, which was a worry when the staff came out with a huge cake for dessert while singing happy birthday to me!!  We shared half with them and took the rest away, which lasted a couple of days!

Birthday over, our minds now turned towards Christmas and New Years….


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