Kampot, Cambodia

After the sleepiness of Kep, Kampot seemed quite a contrast, despite being only a small town itself.  The slightly frantic feel may have had something to do with the impending Sea Festival, which was about to start.

Like the Water Festival we experienced in Siem Reap, the Sea Festival seemed to focus on street food and music, definitely for local and visiting Cambodians.  Fortunately we knew about the Sea Festival and had booked our transport out of Kampot well in advance this time!

We quickly noticed that Kampot seemed to have relatively few western tourists.  Instead we were struck with how many expats there were living there.  This meant a notable amount of NGO run shops and cafes and a definite western influence on the menus.  This meant that Ryan finally got to eat the jacket potato that he has been dreaming about for the last few months!  We are ashamed to say that we fully indulged with the indulgent western food and our Kampot Crab days of local Cambodian eating felt like a distant memory!

We generally spent our days wandering around Kampot in the blistering heat, watching the preparations slowly take shape for the Sea Festival and then soaking up the sights, smells and sounds of the celebration itself, once underway.  We tried visiting Kampot Museum, but it was shut for the festival.  We did however manage to visit the local ‘cinema’, where we were the only people there watching an interesting documentary called “Small Voices” following vulnerable Cambodian children trying to get an education.

Here are a few photos from our Kampot stay.


Colourful and quaint streets


The quiet backstreets were a contrast to the busy riverside area, where the festivities were taking place.


Who knew?!


Kampot Night Market


The centre of Kampot is marked by a huge Durian fruit statue in the roundabout!


Cooling off with a nice iced drink


We visited the Epic Arts Cafe a couple of times – a great cause and excellent carrot cake!

Then there was the Sea Festival itself…

After a few nights in Kampot we set out for an epic journey to the Philippines – via Phnom Penh and Kuala Lumpur, as you do!

Little did we know something else was also on it’s way to the Philippines, due to arrive the same day as us….a typhoon….

To be continued…



2 thoughts on “Kampot, Cambodia

  1. Very interesting as usual Anna, found a jacket spud eh Ryan, next task…..Pasty!!!! If not we might have to bring a few with us? even cold will be better than no pasty? xx


    • Yeah, i’d been craving a jacket spud for ages!! Joked with mum about bringing pasties but she was worried Thai customs might think you’d be smuggling drugs in them!


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