Kep, Cambodia

We were delighted to be moving onto somewhere new in Cambodia and particularly excited to be going to the home of the famous ‘Kampot Crab’ dish.  Second to visiting the Angkor temples, this was the thing I was most looking forward to in Cambodia – sad but true!


In case you forget about their most famous export!

It turned out that Kep had a great deal more going for it that just the crab, in fact it turned out to be our favourite place in Cambodia.  With a sleepy and distinctly French seaside feel, Kep stood out from other places we had been.  From visiting the crab market to cycling the quiet backstreets to exploring the abandoned art deco French mansions, Kep was truly fascinating.


Kep beach with our hotel top left


The view from our hotel pool over the beach and out to see towards Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)


Endless rows of hammocks next to the beach for yet more relaxing!

Kep was founded as a seaside resort for the french elite in 1908 and was known as the ‘St Tropez’ of Cambodia!  Some of the French left Kep after Cambodian independence in the 1950s and the majority of those who remained left during the Khmer Rouge regime.  Their elaborate mansions were looted and most have gradually been reclaimed by the jungles of Kep National Park.


Sign posts around Kep National Park

There were lots of statues and monuments around the town, sometimes with a range of offerings at their feet.

We hired some bikes, mainly to make the journey to and from the crab market quicker and easier (the crab market can be seen behind me in the right hand picture).

The highlight of our time in Kep was definitely the crab market itself, which you can see from this (tiny) selection of our photos!

If you didn’t fancy takeaway then there were many crab restaurants within the market to choose from.

And then there was the Kampot Crab itself…

After all that eating there is only one thing left, enjoying a cocktail at The Sailing Club near the market.  Here is Ryan enjoying his ‘essence of sunset’ cocktail!  Apt.

Now we had seen where the crab came from, our next destination was a few miles along the coast to Kampot – the home of the famous Kampot peppercorns!


2 thoughts on “Kep, Cambodia

  1. Haha! NOTHING beats a cornish crab sandwich. The Kampot Crab was a different kettle of fish (crab?) altogether… the blue swimmer crabs were actually quite small but their freshness and the tanginess of the fresh green peppercorns more than made up for that! Anna x


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