Otres Beach, Cambodia

This was to be the first of a string of beaches that we have planned to visit over the next month – lucky us!  In our usual way we seemed to move between extreme locations – from busy cities to remote settings.

First we headed to Sihanoukville – the go-to destination for those tourists and Cambodians who are seeking out some seaside sun.  Carved out of the jungle in the 50s as Cambodia’s only deep water port and then left abandoned during the Khmer Rouge regime, Sihanoukville has returned to popularity as a major holiday spot.

There is something for everyone with 9 beaches all with very different personalities – from the party atmosphere and crowds in Serendipity / Occheuteal beach to the quiet clean waters of Otres beach, without a jet-ski in sight!

We chose Otres 2 – the furthest out and quietest of all the beaches, however I was not quite prepared for how quiet it as going to be.  I was still expecting some crowds and a busier seaside feel, but was very surprised to see how remote and how peaceful it was.

We found the best beach BBQ we have found to date!!  BBQ fish, squid and giant prawns with sides and a beer for $5 dollars – hurrah!  However one of our favourite things to do was just sitting on the beach and getting some fruit and grilled squid for the ladies walking up and down the beach (10 small squids grilled in front of you on a portable BBQ for only $2, then a freshly prepared pineapple for another dollar – perfect lunch!)

Here are some photos to give you a flavour of our stay…


The view from our terrace towards the beach at sunset


Some stretches were completely deserted – apart from a few fishing boats waiting for the evenings squid fishing.


A view down towards the ‘busier’ end of Otres 2!


Deserted Otres lined with it’s trademark Tamarisk trees


Ryan was pretty keen to go squid fishing too!


Looking towards Sihanoukville centre in the distance


The views out to the west meant pretty sunsets every night!

If this wasn’t enough beach for the time-being, we then headed off to Koh Rong island…


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