Ayutthaya, Thailand

After mine and Phil’s heavy night out in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok, I awoke with a chronic hangover and was reminded we had booked a taxi tour to the archaeological sites in Ayutthaya! Ayutthaya was the capitol of the Kingdom of Siam, until it fell to the Burmese in 1767 and nowadays is one of the most important and impressive historical sites in Thailand. Anna had previously been and toured the sites by bike, but the air-conditioned taxi from Bangkok was a really affordable luxury for the four of us. I wasn’t feeling my best, but am really glad I made the effort to go, it’s a stunning place as you’ll see from the pictures we took.












It was really quite something to see how many different sites there were to see across the city. The first one or two we visited were very busy with coach loads of tourists and the approaches lined with souvenir vendors, however, towards the end of the day we visited some quieter sites that were probably more impressive, partly thanks to the peace, quite and serenity that fitted with the Buddhist surroundings. I found myself trying to picture what Ayutthaya would have been like in it’s heyday, but it’s near impossible to imagine without ending up thinking of scenes that are probably borrowed from fantasy movies or TV shows like Game Of Thrones! I think we both independently had thought that what we saw at Ayutthaya looked much like pictures we had seen of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, somewhere neither of us had been but something it seems influenced our last minute decision of where to head next!


2 thoughts on “Ayutthaya, Thailand

  1. What a fascinating trip and account, you are certainly making the best of your time, can’t wait to join you guys in January. Mum and Dad xx


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