Bangkok, Thailand

Having caught the 20 hour sleeper train from Butterworth (Malaysia) to Thailand we arrived in Bangkok. Both of us are train lovers and we thought the experience was absolutely brilliant; with a fairly smooth border crossing, a tasty Thai dinner and a good but chilly sleep.  Having found a driver who was willing to tie our heavy suitcases onto the back of his tuk-tuk we were on our way!


Not dangerous at all…?!

We have both been to Bangkok before and are big fans of the city – especially the street food!  However, once I was off the train and had my first Som Tam under my belt (spicy green papaya salad – my favourite!) I could re-focus on the main treat of our brief stay in the city – seeing Beccy and Phil!  We couldn’t wait to catch up with friends from home.


A selection of street food delicacies all from within a few metres of our hotel!

Also, we wanted to stay near Beccy and so stayed in Silom, an area of the city neither of us have ever stayed or really ventured, which was great.

We started by visiting Beccy’s very lovely hotel – having a drink at the bar on the 59th floor was such a treat.  I managed to have the Singapore Sling that I had neglected to sample in Singapore and we watched the lights of the city and distant lighting storms from there, before having a lovely dinner nearby.

bar bangkok

Hold on tight!

The next day I was determined to get a bit more quality Beccy time in and we headed to the spa at her hotel.  We spent the afternoon being massaged and hanging out by the pool and in the sauna before some dinner.  Ryan and Phil relived their younger days by heading to Khao San Road backpacker area and indulging in a fair few ‘buckets’!  Which made the next day at Ayutthaya nursing hangovers interesting for them!


I think I won on the deserts front.

Ryan will talk about Ayutthaya in more detail in another blog post, as even through his hangover, it was a fascinating experience that is worth a bit more attention.

After our Ayutthaya excursion we said our fond farewells to Beccy and Phil and spent our last day in Bangkok at Chatuchak Market.  This was my first time there and it was quite an experience.  As the biggest market in Thailand with over 8000 stalls in 27 different sections, it is easy to get lost.  I did however manage to leave with a selection of nice new summer dresses at about £1.80 each and Ryan treated himself to a pair of new shorts.


Outside Chatuchak Market contemplating its labyrinth like alley ways!

Still no updates from VSO so we started to plan the next leg of our trip and decided that the obvious choice would be Cambodia.  Nearby, cheap, new for both of us and the added bonus that we would be able to visit Angkor Wat – perfect!




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