3 nights in Singapore

We were excited about moving on from KL and exploring some more of the peninsula.  We thought that we would start at the bottom and work our way back up, so hopped on a flight from KL to Singapore (taking about 45 minutes).  Neither of us had particularly wanted to go to Singapore before but were both pleasantly surprised by the city.

We thought initially that it would be ultra modern and quite clinical, with an international feel.  Although it did have elements of all of these things we were happy to find some local life and culture (and a lot of fun!) along the way.

Day 1

We arrived in Singapore on the afternoon of halloween, and as it is one of our favourite times of year we decided we needed a treat to mark the occasion and make us not miss being at home too much!  We say an advertisement for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island and were sold!



The narrative for the evening was that the blood moon had risen which had unleashed all manner of ghosts, aliens and zombies on the streets of Singapore – yikes!


All manner of monsters and beasts would jump out at you, playing out their own individual stories as you tried desperately to make your way around the park!


He was obviously not fast enough…..

It was actually a lot more fascinating than we initially thought.  It was very un-touristy and the majority of people there were local teenagers (we felt very old!)  I had one girl of about 15 clinging onto my waist through an entire immersive experience with the ‘tunnel people’ – Im not sure who was most embarrassed at the end!

There were several immersive horror experiences, set up just for Halloween, as well as a select few of the theme parks rides (transformers, the mummy, and wait for it – Battlestar Galactica, where you decided which rollercoaster you went on by deciding if you were human or cylon!  I was in heaven!)

The horror experiences were interesting because they were all set up to reflect a side of local culture.  One brought to life a story written by a local writer about ghosts on the MRT (metro / tube).  One was a Hell House, which had life creepy size models all made out of paper to burn (apparently a ritual that reflects Chinese funeral practices), another was a Singapore zombie experience, but each house you were led through reflected a different cultural group (one hindu, one chinese, one malay etc).  Who thought it was going to be so educational!

Safe to say, we had a whale of a time and spent around 7 hours trying to see everything and stumbled back to our hotel at 3am.


We even met a transformer!

Day 2

Having woken late the next day (!!) we decided to take it easy and spend the afternoon at the Gardens by the Bay.  This was absolutely stunning and by far exceeded both of our expectations.



The juxtaposition of the tropical gardens next to the built up skyline was stunning.

A definite highlight though was the fantastic ‘super trees’ which I developed a mild obsession with (please enjoy this very small selection of my many many photographs…..)


Part building and part plant


Blending almost seamlessly into the rest of the gardens


With an elevated walkway…..


Beautiful living ‘trunks’


A view from the inside out.


We ended up spending several hours, just wandering through the many separate, themed gardens, all of which are free to the public.  We decided against the conservatories, although they looked stunning we just couldn’t justify the extra cost.



Ryan about to be eaten by giant metal ants…..


Pretty impressive cactus garden!


Beautiful sculptures scattered through the gardens


A fair bit of pretty impressive topiary…..


And many stunning plants and flowers……

IMG_2710 IMG_2697 IMG_2694 IMG_2692 IMG_2686 IMG_2685 IMG_2684


We then congratulated ourselves for an afternoon well spent in true Ryan and Anna fashion, with some food! Here we had a platter of different meats in the hawker centre ‘satay by the bay’

That afternoon and evening we wandered the streets of Chinatown to explore a different side to Singapore.




Pretty Chinese snacks


Colourful murals


And the occasional Hindu temple (with fire walking festival going on) thrown in for good measure!

As always there is always time for a street food snack (or two!) before heading home.  Here we had a banana and chocolate roti canai and Chilli crab pau bun.  Yummy!

IMG_2737 IMG_2733

Day 3

After a very hot couple of days today we had to cool down a bit!  We sent the day at Wild Wild Wet water park (good name!)


We had a night out nearer to our hotel in the Little India area, where things were gradually hotting up ready for the annual Deepavali festival.


Day 4

The next day, we only had a little time before catching our coach back into Malaysia to Melaka.  Just enough time to wander a few more streets and have the traditional local breakfast (Kaya Toast).


A Buddhist temple, taking us back to our time in Nepal


Very sweet and buttery toasted sandwiches dipped into barely cooked boiled eggs. Tastes better than it sounds!


3 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. A while ago I read an article about the Gardens by the Bay and was captivated by them then. Now I know that is somewhere would love to visit – but I would give the Halloween horror a miss!


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