Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves

Batu Caves are a series of large caves within a limestone hill (about 400 million years old), which takes it’s name from the river that runs close by.  It is apparently the largest and most important Hindu shrine outside of India.

We had a little day trip excursion out to the caves, which takes about 30 minutes by Komuter train out of KL Sentral.  We thought it was well worth the trip (once we had got over all the steps and the stifling heat!)

Batu Caves is pretty impressive as soon as you set foot off the train…..


15 meter tall statue of Hanuman the monkey god welcoming you off the Komuter train!

We started by visiting the Ramayana Cave, which inside depicts the story of Rama and Sita in a chronological manner, within the limestone walls.


The entrance to the Ramayana Cave


A friendly looking fellow!

Inside the story was told through painting and models, set against the limestone cave walls….



Hanuman again with a very long and bright tail!



Sleeping giant Kumbhakarna


Back outside the cave and making our way towards the biggest and most popular cave ‘Cathedral Cave’ you have to dodge the numerous long-tail macaque monkeys going about their business.




Past some more shrines…..

Then we arrived at the most famous and largest shrine, the Cathedral Cave (Temple Cave).  The impressive statue of Lord Muruga guards the 272 (sweaty) steps up.  We were reminded of our trekking days!


Are you ready Ryan?!


This part of the caves was huge and the limestone features for us detracted from some of the shrines and Hindu adornments inside it was supposed to showcase!





The shrine inside looked a little out of place, with a florescent light show and blaring music (which it’s hard to get across in the photo!)

Having finished in the caves and made our way back down the stairs with wobbly knees, we settled down at one of the many south indian restaurants at the bottom of the steps for a delicious ‘Banana Leaf’ lunch. No washing up – genius!



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