24 hours in Kathmandu, Nepal

It is still early days but we are both feeling pretty impressed by Kathmandu and the Nepalese people.  It’s only a matter on months since they experienced several devastating earthquakes and all we have seen is cheerfulness, kindness and resilience since arriving!

Yesterday evening, through our jet lag, we visited Durbar Square.
Whilst I found it beautiful, Ryan was pretty shocked at how much was damaged or lost in the earthquakes, having been there a couple of times before.
We spent the hottest part of the day today walking up to Swayambhunath, known more commonly as the monkey temple, which is high up on a tall hill overlooking Kathmandu.  Not the best timing, but still beautiful.  We then spent most the the afternoon trying to cool down in the National Museum of Nepal.
 I learnt today that I have a mild but growing obsession with prayer flags (more on that later), that Ryan is too tall for most doorways (ouch!) and that cows can hang out in electronic shops…
…roll on the next 24 hours!

3 thoughts on “24 hours in Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. The pictures are wonderful, and it’s so nice to see where you’ve been and read about how you’re doing. Hope the next stage of your journey is just as fascinating out in the wilds of the Himalayas! (#prawntobewild)
    B xx


  2. Hey guys! This is fantastic . So happy for you and your amazing adventures.
    I’m wondering where you are heading for the end of January? My month off still has no plans ! X
    Love to you both X


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