Goodbyes #2 Aylesbury via London

IMG_2310[1]It is all change back in Aylesbury with mum and dad packing up their old house and each getting ready for their moves.  It has been such a long time coming and we are very happy for both of them, but I must admit it is a funny feeling for me leaving the house for the last time.  What with Ryan and I desperately trying to fit the last of our bits and pieces into our bags it really seems like a time of big change for all of us!


We have made the most of being back home with a trip to Tring Museum (scaring Ryan with the giant spider crabs and snakes just as Claire and I did to each other 30 years ago!) He was also treated to a trip into Aylesbury itself to see the sights (lucky Ryan)

We are just coming towards to end of our last set of goodbyes, which have gradually become more traumatic as they have gone on.  We had a lovely last weekend in London – such a treat to actually be able to go to Mickey and Amanda’s wedding at the last minute – it was a fantastic day and a great chance to make some lasting memories with our friends before we went (the monkey photo is packed). Thanks to all those who joined us for the final farewell drinks on Sunday too, I was delighted to fit in a final roast and jagermeister on the rocks!

We are very sad to be leaving great friends and our families behind, and are feeling apprehensive and excited about the next leg…. Nepal!


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